Frankie Li is a film director and editor based in Taipei, Taiwan. With a BFA in Filmmaking from Taipei National University of the Arts, her filmmaking journey started in 2014. Her work challenges set narrative formulae and specializes in casting a humorous and sympathetic eye on the ambiguities of human connection and experience.

From 2016 to 2018, Frankie relocated to the UK and Ireland and worked as a Video Specialist for Minnie Peters, an elite design brand in Dublin. After returning to Taiwan in 2018, she worked as a commercial film director at DC Films and Pressplay respectively. There, Frankie successfully brought her skillset and vision to the commercial industry, working to significant stakeholder acclaim with many internationally renowned brands including McDonald’s, The Balvenie, Ford, Nivea Men, Sofy, OPPO mobile phones, Clear shampoo, Neogence, PH9.0 alkaline water, Nestle milk powder, and more besides.

Aside from commercial work, Frankie retains a strong personal interest in the art of filmmaking. Her latest short film Chilli Pepper (2020) was selected for ARFF Paris International Film Festival, Portland Comedy Film Festival,  Underground Cinema Short Film Awards and won an audience award at Ongezien Kort Belgian Film Festival and gained a Special Mention honour at the London-Worldwide Comedy Short Film Festival.

While at university, Frankie directed two well-received fiction films, Elegy (2013) and Floating On (2014), both of which were screened at the Guandu Film Festival. She also developed significant skills in video art, creating, 24 Seconds Stop to Thinking of… and The Marks of the Bodies, both performed publicly in TNUA.


2016年-2018年之間,在英國及愛爾蘭從事影像工作,並於Dublin知名設計品牌Minnie Peters擔任影像統籌,擅長英語溝通,且熟悉歐洲相關產業。2018年回台後,曾分別在DC Films和 Pressplay 擔任廣告導演。曾與許多知名品牌合作過商業廣告案,如麥當勞McDonald’s、百富威士忌The Balvenie、福特汽車Ford、妮維雅Nivea Men、蘇菲衛生棉、 OPPO手機、Clear洗髮精、信義房屋、霓淨思Neogence、統一PH9.0鹼性水、雀巢奶粉、一匙靈等。

2020年編導的劇情短片《剝皮辣椒Chilli Pepper》入圍ARFF巴黎國際影展、Ongezien Kort 比利時影展及Portland Comedy Film Festival美國波特蘭喜劇電影節,將於2020年底及2021年公開放映,並獲得Ongezien Kort 比利時影展的觀眾獎及London-Worldwide Comedy Short Film Festival倫敦國際喜劇短片的Special Mention。



Chilli Pepper (2020)
| 5 mins | Colour | 2.35:1 | Romance, Black Comedy
※Audience Award – Best Short Film (International) – Ongezien Kort 2020
※Official Selection – Best Short Film – ARFF Paris International Awards 2021
※Official Selection – Best Dark Comedy Micro Film – Portland Comedy Film Festival Fall 2020
※Special Mention – London Worldwide Comedy Short Film Festival 2020
※Official Selection – Best Short Film (International) – 11th Underground Cinema Short Film Awards 2020

Floating On (2014)
| 20 mins | Colour | 2.35:1 | Thriller
※Kuan-Du Film Festival
※Marry Films Exhibition
※Who’s the Next Director (Program)

Elegy (2013)

| 12 mins | Colour | 2.35:1 | Historical
※Kuan-Du Film Festival

24 Seconds, Stop Thinking of…
| 3 mins | Colour | 16:9 | Experiment
※Kuan-Du Film Festival


Taipei National University of the Arts
—BFA, Filmmaking, Cinematography and Digital Post-Production Majored

Taipei Post Production
—Colour Grading and VFX Intern


Pressplay, Film Director
DC Films, Film Director
Minnie Peters, Video and Graphic Designer Specialist
Homework Studio, Showroom Manager
JB Films, Film Editor

Family MartXGQ 單品咖啡, commercial – Director, Editor
Chilli Pepper, short film – Director, Writer, Editor, VFX Artist
校外教學, short film – DOP, Editor
The Balvenie Story – 百富威士忌X黃小琥, commercial – Director, Editor
Simple Human – Make Space, charity short film –  Editor
VougeXDior- 造夢 主題 8 支系列, commercial – Editor, VFX artist
Fila Kids – 小泡芙 肖恩小羊, commercial – Director, DOP, Editor, Animator
Helena Rubinstein – Selina 黑繃帶, commercial – Editor
YM – Love is, music video – Editor
Nestle Baby – 大S 成為媽媽後, online series – Director
Cosmed – Men Go Shine, commercial – Editor
Housewarming, short film – DOP, Compositor
Sofy – PK吧!水水生死鬥, commercial – Director, Scenic Designer, Editor
Nivea Men – 油光OUT, commercial – Director, Writer, DOP, Editor
McDonald’s – ApuJan, commercial – Director, Writer, Editor, Animator
Wa!Cookies – 奶茶季, commercial – Director, DOP, Editor, Animator
Kérastase – 許光漢, commercial – Editor
Clear – Don’t Hide, commercial – Director, Editor, VFX
Seed Music – 羅大佑 請珍重, music video – Editor, Colourist

Oppo – Reno2 系列, commercial – Director, Writer, Editor
Sinyi Realty – 我想要舒服的家, commercial – Director, Writer, Editor, Animator
PH 9.0 Alkaline Water – 鹼鹼單單, commercial – Director, Writer, Editor, Animator
TIFA – 我為你押韻-情歌 Revival, drama promotion – Editor, VFX
Neogence – 滴妹-每天滴一滴一滴, commercial – Director, Editor, Animato
Ford Focus – 愛的CP360, online series – Director, Writer, Editor
Nivea Men – 去油光 實現深層願望, commercial – Director, Writer, Editor
Ahanpovideo – 日韓大戰, fiction music video – Director, DOP, Editor
McDonald’s – 金銀招財薯來寶, commercial – Director, Editor, Animator

Modvoi – TicPods&Watch 出門問問, commercial – Director, Editor
Syneron Candela – PicoWay 皮秒雷射, commercial – Director, Art Director, Editor
Cheer’s – 雀喜果汁, commercial – Director, Editor
Citiesocial – Atakama Umbrella, commercial – Director, Editor
Clayboss, music video – Director, DOP
We Lose People, music video – Director, DOP

Death in Shoreditch, feature film – Editor
In Love with A Monster, feature film promotion – Director, Editor

Minnie Peters – Masterclass, corporate – Director, DOP, Editor
Merrion Fertility Clinic, corporate – Director, DOP, Editor
Talking in Triangle, music video – Director, DOP, Editor
Sony Music – 陳惠婷 Dr. 戀愛 – Editor, Motion Graphy Artist

Haruki Murakami – 村上春樹 圖書館奇譚, book video – Director, Animator
Here I am, charity short film – Editor
Fragile Thing, music video – Director, DOP, Editor

A Good Day Records – 黃玠 X 黃小楨 你是不是像我一樣, music video – Editor
Floating On, short film – Director, Writer, DOP, Editor, VFX Artist (intro outro)
Psychobaby, short film – Editor, VFX Artist

Elegy, short film – Director, Editor
Marks of the Bodies, experiment – Director, Writer, DOP, Editor